Actuarial Valuations

Companies offer many mandatory and/or discretionary schemes for the employee. These schemes need to be valued based on the accrual principle on valuation date for financial statement purposes and may also on periodic basis to understand financial impacts. Various defined benefit plans vogue in our country are gratuity schemes, superannuation plans, compensatory and sick leaves (if accumulation/encashment allowed), long service awards, deferred bonus, exempted PF trust etc.

We provide valuation services for the following benefits

  • Provident Fund (in case of employer managed trusts)
  • Gratuity
  • DB Pension Plans
  • Leave Encashment (Privilege/earned/sick/others)
  • Leave Availment (Privilege/earned/sick/others)
  • Long Service Awards
  • Deferred Bonus/Benefits
  • Post-Retirement Medical Benefit Schemes (PRMBS)
  • Any other like Warranty Cost/Rewards points accumulation etc.