Legal Services

Radgo Consulting Private Limited provides wide-ranging Legal Services catering to corporates across industries at various stage of business- from start-ups to maturity and each stage of value creation- from nurturing to sustainability. Following are the area of practice in legal services:

  1. Corporate
    • Advisory in Policy matters
    • Legal Due Diligence
    • Documentation- drafting and review
    • Review/Advisory on Insurance Contracts, Reinsurance Contracts
    • Fraud insurance source/documents investigation
    • Review of Vendor Due Diligence Report
  2. Regulatory
    • Interpretation of Laws/notifications/circulars
    • Major issues
      1. Laws with respect to governance of Foreign Insurance Companies in India
      2. Regulatory Restrictions in India for Foreign Insurance Companies
  3. Litigation
    • Commercial Claim litigation
    • Employee Dispute
    • Major issues
      1. Claim Dispute (Death, Accident, Health)
      2. Misrepresentation or suppression of a material fact