Enables Non-Finance professionals, especially from functional areas other than finance such as sales, marketing, production, research and development, human resource, procurement, to gain an immense working knowledge of complicated financial principles in an easy-to-apply concepts, enabling attendees to make critical business decisions which involve various aspects like budgets, cost-savings, new projects decisions involving project profitability, business and company growth strategies and more.

In this course on Finance for Non-Finance, we introduce the key concepts of finance so attendees of this program can contribute to their business success and allow it to flourish like never before. Focus will be on interpretation of financial statements and the language used by accountants. You will gain understanding how to implement Budgeting and Working Capital Management. Further will be discussed how to use ratio analysis for getting a sense on the company’s performance. In addition, the concepts of management decisions such as make-or-buy, shut-down etc. will be introduced to evaluate the implication of the same. The exciting part is also the lesson on Investment Appraisal where you will learn how to evaluate business proposals from a return viewpoint.

What will be covered:

Financial Concepts

Finance Terminologies

Accounting Concepts

Define Financial Statements

Cash Flow Statement

Income Statement

Income & Expenditures

Balance Sheet

Assets and Liabilities

Income Statement, Balance Sheet, & Cash Flow

Costing System

Various types of cost

Break-Even Analysis

Time Value of Money

Present Value, Future Value, Returns Rate, Internal Rate of Returns

Duration, Regular Payment, Dividend Calculation

Importance of Capital Budgeting & Decision Criteria

Capital Investing

Risk vs Returns

Working Capital Management

Inventory Management

Financial Ratios Analysis