Corporate Advisory Services

Radgo Consulting Private Limited provides wide-ranging Corporate Advisory Services catering to corporates across industries at various stage of business- from start-ups to maturity- and each stage of value creation- from nurturing to sustainability.
Our Corporate Advisory Services range from short-term to long-term engagements in the functional areas including corporate finance, corporate strategy, business planning, operating processes and sustainability. Our Services ensure optimum solution to business challenges together with compliance and value creation.

Our Services include

  • Investment Appraisal
  • Project Conceptualization and other services such as Preparation of Feasibility Studies, Capital Structuring, Financial Engineering etc.
  • Formulation of vision/strategy and preparation of Business Plan.
  • Business Integration, Planning and Implementation, Managing and Monitoring of the documentation, transaction and transition process.
  • Funding Strategy
  • Profit optimization strategies

Insurance Consulting

Radgo Consulting Private Limited offers a wide range of actuarial services to life, general and health insurance companies in the areas of Corporate Strategy, Business Planning, Product Development and Pricing, Statutory Reserving, Economic Capital, Asset Liability Modelling, Experience Analysis, capacity building etc.

Some of our services for insurance companies are:

  • Product design and pricing (Life Insurance / Annuities / Variable Annuities / Long Term Care / ULIPs and combinations of two or more) for Life Insurance Companies
  • Product Design & Pricing (different line of business) for General Insurance Companies
  • Comparison of actual vs. expected Analysis of various parameters
  • Expense study, Projections of mortality, morbidity and other loss factors
  • Actuarial models for pricing, reserving, cash flow, asset-liability etc
  • Developing and / or managing large investment models including derivatives
  • Investment Audits

Risk Management

Corporate risk management refers to all the methods that a company uses to identify, analyze, mitigate and monitor various risks. We advise companies in managing their risk leading to less uncertainty in business.

We help you to:

  • Insurance Risk ManagementInsurance Risk Management
  • Identification and Mitigation of Risk
  • Quantification of Risk
  • Risk Consulting

Financial Services Consultancy

Radgo offers a range of services for financial institutions including Banks, NBFCs, Fintechs covering the field of Credit Risk Management, Factoring Services, Receivable and Supply chain financing.

Radgo’s team can assist in the following:

  • Setting up factoring companies/divisions within Banks through a step by step process including Operational systems and controls, assisting in developing Credit guidelines and vendor selections etc.
  • Assist in developing Credit Models
  • Partner with financial institutions including insurance companies in assessing individual Corporates.
  • Mentoring and training personnel in areas of Credit Risk, Factoring and supply financing solutions.
  • Undertaking process audits in areas of Credit Risk, Operational and Fraud Risk.

Legal Services

Radgo Consulting Private Limited provides wide-ranging Legal Services catering to corporates across industries at various stage of business- from start-ups to maturity and each stage of value creation- from nurturing to sustainability. Following are the area of practice in legal services:

  1. Corporate
    • Advisory in Policy matters
    • Legal Due Diligence
    • Documentation- drafting and review
    • Review/Advisory on Insurance Contracts, Reinsurance Contracts
    • Fraud insurance source/documents investigation
    • Review of Vendor Due Diligence Report
  2. Regulatory
    • Interpretation of Laws/notifications/circulars
    • Major issues
      1. Laws with respect to governance of Foreign Insurance Companies in India
      2. Regulatory Restrictions in India for Foreign Insurance Companies
  3. Litigation
    • Commercial Claim litigation
    • Employee Dispute
    • Major issues
      1. Claim Dispute (Death, Accident, Health)
      2. Misrepresentation or suppression of a material fact